Ramping Up For Ramen

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Good evening, Kotaku readership. Been on any interesting trips lately? Have something you need to get off your chest? Looking for stimulating non-video game related chatter? This post is for you.


Who out there in Kotaku-land is going to Tokyo Game Show this year? I am! So is Mr. Ashcraft, naturally. But since I've got a bit of a vacation hangover, I'm keeping my stay overseas brief. I think this is my sixth trip to Tokyo, so I'm thinking "been there, done that" a little too much. Anyone out there have some insider tips about how to make travel in Tokyo fun this year?

Oh. The above image is from Lex Augusteijn, a photographer skilled with a high-speed camera and a rifle.


Here's some stuff.

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I just watched IGN's review for Valkyria Chronicles 2.