Rainbow Six Siege is getting three new characters and a new map as part of its Operation White Noise update that hits the game’s test servers on November 20.

The details surrounding Rainbow Six’s last content drop before 2018 came at the season 3 championship tournament going on today in Brazil. The new map called Tower takes place in a skyscraper in Seoul which will have three floors open to players to both infiltrate and hide in. The only real outdoor space will be where the attacker-team starts while the inside of the levels offer a lot of verticality between elevators and the like.

In addition, the three characters heading to the game are Dokkaebi, Vigil, and Zofia. The first of them is is a South Korean hacker who can send out phone calls to disrupt comms and surveillance cameras. Then there’s Vigil, another gadget-freak who has a cloak that renders him invisible to camera feeds. And finally Zofia is an offensive-minded operator from Poland who sports a double-barreled grenade launcher. She also gets one pick-me-up per match from being downed. Cause she’s bad-ass.


Taken all together, the White Noise update looks a nice fusion of Deus Ex-lite and the traditional tactical elements of Rainbow Six. The new character’s abilities seem like a fun way to interact with a high-tech office space while the map itself has nice overtones of the neon-addled future city feel you might get in a cyberpunk game.

If you haven’t dipped into the game before, now might be a good time. Siege recently got close to 100,000 concurrents on Steam and Ubisoft has already begun teasing the game’s year three plans. Those begin with Operation Chimera in the first part of 2018, a bio-terrorism event that will coincide with a month-long zombie survival challenge mode.

Ubisoft is expected to reveal more information about those updates at the Rainbow Six 2018 Invitational in Montreal next February.

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