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Rainbow Six Siege Pro Pulls Off Unlikely 1 vs 4 Win

Illustration for article titled iRainbow Six Siege/i Pro Pulls Off Unlikely 1 vs 4 Win

Twitch reflexes and impeccable aim are important in Rainbow Six Siege, but so is being incredibly patient and choosing the right moment to strike.


Yesterday, pro player Martin “Spark” Eberhard came out on top of a one vs. four situation with an impressive display of patience. In the highlight, posted on the game’s subreddit, his team had planted the diffuser on one of the bomb sites but then got shredded by the opposing side. Spark kept his cool though and managed to wrangle back control of the match with a perfectly-timed push around the corner of a room that resulted in three amazingly quick kills.


Having evened the odds, Spark could have tried to take the fight directly to his remaining opponent but instead decided to outmaneuver him. He chilled in the stairway until he was sure the remaining defender had gone in to try to turn off the bomb diffuser. Then he went in and shot him in the back.

Spark’s team, Vitality, went on to win both games in yesterday’s series. You can watch the entire match here.

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Ah, yes, the sNax special.