Ragnaros Lives

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Photo: Nathan Grayson (Kotaku)
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Far and away the most impressive piece of cosplay I’ve seen at BlizzCon is this wildly elaborate take on World of Warcraft raid boss Ragnaros, aka “the big angry fire boy from Molten Core.” Cosplayer Holly “Kaleidoscope Costumes” Cowie has wanted to make it for a decade.


Surrounded by a horde of gawking BlizzCon attendees with cameras in hand, Cowie showed off her cosplay on the show floor today. She told Kotaku that it took 400 hours over three months to make and involved multiple kinds of plastic and foam, an oversized shirt over a chicken wire frame as a base, and heaps of remote-controlled interior lights.

“I have wanted to do this costume for about ten years, but I haven’t always had the talent to do it the right way,” said Cowie. “So I’ve been acquiring skills over the past few years until I felt like I was ready to take it on. I decided I was going to do it right after BlizzCon last year, and then they announced Classic, so it was perfect timing.”

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At first glance I thought it was made of caramel and chocolate.

Hmmmm... now I crave a caramel-chocolate Ragnaros.