Racist Comment Leads DOTA 2 Commentator To Apologize To Community

Illustration for article titled Racist Comment Leads DOTA 2 Commentator To Apologize To Community

Toby "Tobi Wan" Dawson is a professional commentator for esports site JoinDOTA. He covers DOTA and now DOTA 2 matches and tournaments, and is considered to be quite entertaining. Unfortunately, the commentary he was caught making while playing in a live-streamed public match over the weekend is not so much entertaining as it is inexplicably racist.


The comment, as seen in a screenshot, was: "have you heard the expression..lame as a ni**ers baby?"

He later apologized on the JoinDOTA forum, explaining, "it is not ok, that is rage combined with [the other player's] jokes to create a completely inappropriate comment which I am sorry for making."

Interest in DOTA 2 continues to ramp up as the game, published by Valve, runs in beta. Tobi Wan was a commentator at Valve's official tournament, The International, when it debuted at Gamescom last year. This year's tournament will take place at PAX Prime in Seattle at the end of August.

Valve is explicitly trying to encourage civility and good behavior in their multiplayer communities. The best time to make sure that DOTA 2's community grows to be a positive influence on the game is now. While the usual arguments are raging, the community seems to agree that even in the heat and adrenaline of competition, some language is out of bounds.


Can't with any dignity condone his behavior or say "give the guy a break". I made an account just for this post. As a black gamer, I've heard "Die! Aghh fucking nigger!" Countless times on Xbox Live for the past decade. Needless to say a lot of the time they didn't know I was black (but there was till times they did), it's irritating to hear nonstop online; as far as I see it it's a massive sign of immaturity, no matter what context, or why you said it. You don't just get angry and become a racist. Same thing goes to people that get angry online when they get killed and say "fucking Jew!!"...

It makes no damn sense...