Being regular just got faster. Reader Lisa sends this, writing:

my brother-in-law and i have a twisted sense of humor. For some reason my husband wasn't nearly as amused as we were.

We are TOTALLY amused. What's going on? We're giving away a copy of Xbox 360 game Race Pro.

Racing stripes make race cars go faster. Face it, they do. Just look at Race Pro's box art. Here's the contest: Put racing stripes on something - anything*!

Racing stripes on a phone? It goes faster. Racing stripes on a cat? It goes faster. Racing stripes on a mop? That's right, it goes faster. Racing stripes on a sports car?


Kotakuite schmete explains, "My mom would've freaked if she saw that I did this. Not out of anger, but out of joy that her car was even faster with those sweet stripes."

Entries must be 807 pixels wide and in JPEG format. There needs to be a Kotaku sign in the photo as well. Please send entries to kotakucontestATgmailDOTcom.


Winner gets a copy of Race Pro. Losers get INTERNET FAME. Contest ends this Sunday.

*Note: You actually have to put stripes on something - Photoshop doesn't count!