Racing Game VS Real Life, Round Two

How well does the very pretty Project CARS hold up when it's compared to real life... at night? Not quite as well as when it's compared to daytime real life, it turns out.


Just like in his last similar video, YouTuber ADRIANF1esp takes and compares footage of the same car on the same track, this time the F1000 on the Dubai Autodrome, from real life and Project CARS. It's a bit easier to tell which one's which with the nighttime scene, especially when you examine the lighting effects and the shadows in particular. Still, an admirable effort. See for yourself:

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Hmmmm, I have to say that the lighting doesn't look as good as it looks in the screenshots. The game looks like it's lacking a lot of lighting effects (bloom, glare, ambient), everything looks rather flat. Also, the track looks empty, though its understandable, since it is based on a real life location, so the devs don't have much creative freedom other than copying everything as is. Other than that, it looks like it's a highly accurate digital copy of its real life counterpart.

I have to say, at this stage, DriveClub is better looking both technically and aesthetically. The latter is a bit unfair, considering DriveClub's tracks are all fictional and Evolution Studios are free to make them as post-card-perfect as possible. I'm surprised though, how DriveClub's lighting trumps Project CARS, considering how much Project CARS has been hyped for its technical prowess: