The reader blog over at Jalopnik got a pretty sweet deal last month: for just a few bucks they could get their names on a car that was competing in the famous 24 Hours N√ľrburgring endurance race in Germany. Thing is, not everyone who contributed went with their real name.

One contributor, Savant, saw his chance and seized it, spending $10 to get his name on the side of the car. Only, instead of sending in his name, he sent in this:

Well played.

The story of the car, an Audi TTRS, is actually pretty cool: the driver is an active member of the Jalopnik reader community, so the team did the guys and girls there a favour by clearing the ad space for something a little more personal.


Compared to the going rate for actual on-car advertising in motor sports, $10 is a steal. And certainly gets you a better return than paying for potato salad.