R-Type Is Getting An Excellent Statue

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Image: Figsoku

Classic side-scrolling shooter R-Type is getting immortalized in a poseable Figma statue.


Of course, that’s Dobkeratops, which is R-Type’s most infamous boss.


This is an unpainted prototype. According to Figsoku, the final piece doesn’t yet have a release date. Pricing is also TBA.

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One of the few things out of Wonfes this year that genuinely surprised me, but more because I’d already seen this done as a garage kit. Still, a pleasant surprise knowing there’s gonna be an official figure!

Also, I’m gonna be a really petty nerd here, but there’s no such thing as a posable statue; this is an action figure. If it’s small and doesn’t move (much like a statue) then it’s a figurine/ statuette.