Quiz: Which Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp Villager Are You?

Illustration for article titled Quiz: Which iAnimal Crossing: Pocket Camp/i Villager Are You?

The villagers in Animal Crossing are pretty much the best part. Although Pocket Camp only has a select few, some of them are the best of the series’ weird and lovable animals. Which one are you?


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Result: Ketchup

How do we explain you? You’re sweet and loveable but have seriously questionable taste. Ketchup is basically sweet tomato water. It’s foul, and it should never be on a hot dog. And yet, here you are and we think you’re adorable. Even if you often shock your friends with strange, dissenting opinions (liking Nickelback, thinking the first season of Buffy is the best one) they all really love you. You’re nice to everyone regardless of who they are and what they like, and they’re nice to you in return.

I’m offended by this result. I definitely don’t like Nickelback and the first season of Buffy is meh... Is it because I like Zelda and Chillhop and the cute guy next door type? Or relax by... relaxing? Seems average to me. I don’t like none of those TV shows but I’m down with The Daily Show and Ride with Norman Reedus that’s kind of dope.