Quiz: Which Adult Skyrim Mod Are You?

There are thousands of “adult” mods for Skyrim. Find out which one you are in this quiz.

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Michael Crider

I didn’t know Alive Peeing was a thing. I don’t install adult mods, because porn already exists.

THAT BEING SAID... now I want to know, if you manage to sneak up on a dragon and pee on its head, as in the screenshot, do you get a bonus to attack while crouching for stealth? Presumably the sneak attack bonus would stack with the one-handed perk, but not the dagger perk (unless the interpretation in the mod is very loose). Assuming 100 skill and all perks in one-handed, plus the 6x bonus sneak perk, plus the 2x damage boost via the Shrouded Gloves and extra boosts via various enchanted gear, would it be possible to one-shot a dragon with your mighty Nord piss?