Quite Possibly the Most Mega Flute/Guitar Duet Of All Time

There have been so many Mega Man soundtrack reinterpretations over the years; the classic games and their sequels feature bouncy, soaring melodies that lend themselves wonderfully to performance. But still, this one stands out: it's an acoustic reinterpretation of "Splash Blue" from Mega Man 9, performed as a duet between nylon-string acoustic guitar and flute.


It's quite a bit different than the original version, and both players demonstrate an uncommon facility on their instruments. The arrangement is quite nice—the melody works well as a waltz, and the guitarist's fingerwork is damn clean, particularly near the end after the switch back to 4/4. Nice tone, too!

Kudos to these two musicians for a lovely performance of an already great tune.

(And hey, while we're listening to flute-based acoustic reinterpretations of video game music, check out this acoustic version of Phoenix Wright's Fey Sisters' Theme that I recorded last year.)

Aah, flute. Such a rad instrument.

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Char Aznable

This arrangement is great! All Mega Man songs should be reinterpreted like this. Both players are very talented!

Personally, the video I've included is one of my favorite reinterpretations ever... I never get tired of it. Everyone, please. I usually don't beg, but give this one a listen if you're reading this. It's really, really great.