Quite Cute Pinball, a Facebook Ad Masquerading as a Totally Decent Free Pinball Game

While it might be tempting to poke fun at M.A.C. for making a saccharine "Quite Cute Pinball" game to market their cosmetics to women on Facebook, truth is that it's a totally decent little timewaster. It's generous with the number of balls, the advertising doesn't get in the way of the gameplay, and excepting the typical Facebook "We're going to root through your profile and friends list like a starving pig" thing, it's actually free to play.

In a day when even the "good" Facebook games are insipid at best and pernicious at worst, I think that's worth a link and a tip of the hat. (We'll forgive the email pitch that started with "Who says video games are for the boys?!" Because honestly? Nobody is saying that anymore.) [Quite Cute Pinball on Facebook]


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