Questionable Words With Friends

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I sometimes play Words With Friends, and I play it the way I play Scrabble: using words that a) I know and that b) I'm sure are words normal people would use.

I don't use wacky words (which isn't to say any word I don't know is "wacky"—in some cases I'm the ignorant problem).

But Scrabble and WWF, like any other game, is apparently meant to be played by people who exploit rules until those rules just about break. Thus: people keep playing words against me that are just, well...


I must protest the use of the following, which were all used against me in the last several weeks:

  • FE
  • JO
  • NE
  • TEFF
  • TEW
  • WAIR

I should have known some of these words, but come on...

I had some (gentle) words with a friend who used some of these words against me in Words With Friends. All's fair, he pointed out. They're in his Scrabble dictionary or something. He confesses that he has no idea what they mean.

This is like playing Call of Duty with people who never stop hiding in the trees or sneak through seams in the graphics so they can shoot at you from a perch you'd never find.

Foul, I say. And fair, too. Which just makes this all the more foul.

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Here is my best words with friends match against a girl I know. We tried to make as many naughty sounding words as possible and I was surprised at how many we were able to do in one match.