Just a friendly reminder that the all-things-id convention, QuakeCon, kicks off this Thursday in Dallas, Texas. This year will include a chance to win a Corvette, Brawl chugging, Enemy Territory: Quake Wars tournaments, Guitar Hero contests and plenty more. The convention will give gamers a chance to check out id's new browser-based Quake Live, watch pro-gaming documentary FRAG and play a bit of tourney poker. The highlight for the show for us non-attendees though will be John Carmack's keynote during the id press conference Thursday morning. Here's hoping we hear more about id Tech 5. Don't worry, we've already got an interview set up and are plugged into whatever announcements maybe coming. In the meantime check out our interview with Carmack and company earlier this month to hear him talking about his new game engine, new publisher and the future of PC and Apple gaming. QuakeCon


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