Qix++ Is Your Xbox Live Arcade Game Of The Week

As previously assumed, Taito's latest warming over of classic franchise—this time arcade game Qix—is officially this week's Xbox Live Arcade release of the week. Qix++ will be blocking off a space on Live Marketplace this Wednesday.


Expect wonderful Qix-style gameplay, but with a modern day, Geometry Wars-like re-skin, for a mere 800 Microsoft Points. We're still hunting down additional details on Qix++ from Taito and its owner Square Enix, but expect lots of levels, plenty of line-drawing and frantic arcade gameplay. Looks like Taito is also readying a PSP version of Qix++, should you prefer to wait for that.

As a fan of the original and it's sequels, I'll be earmarking Points for Qix++. Will you?

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