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Q: Why the Sega Saturn Never Really Took Off in the West

Illustration for article titled Q: Why the Sega Saturn Never Really Took Off in the West
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A: Because this ad, and this console, never appeared outside Japan.

Many people blame the Dreamcast for Sega's exit from the console market, but that's a harsh point for both the console and the company. Really, it was the Saturn that marked the beginning of the end.


The market share the Saturn ceded to Nintendo and Sony, and the money blown on developing such a complicated system, is what really put Sega on the ropes.

But oh, how things could have been different. This ad is so damn effective it's making me want to go out and buy a Saturn right now. If I'd seen it in 1995, in that hot shade of white (a model only ever released in Japan), I may well have lost my shit entirely.


Illustration for article titled Q: Why the Sega Saturn Never Really Took Off in the West

[via Magnetbeam]

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I own a Japanese Sega Saturn with over 50 games. I do own a few US games for the Saturn. Saturn is probably my favorite console because it was perfect for arcade games. Saturn was very successful in Japan. I believe the reason the Saturn failed was because Japan had so many more games then us, and the marketing in North America sucked compared to Japan. In US, Saturn did have good games....

1.) Rampage

2.) Astal

3.) Legend of Oasis

4.) Dark Savior

5.) Blazing Dragons

6.) Panzer Dragoon

7.) Daytona USA

8.) Virtua Fighter 2

9.) House of the Dead

10.) Dynamite Cop (Streets of Rage 4)

11.) Street Fighter (Superior on Saturn)

12.) Sonic 3D Blast (Way better on Saturn)

13.) Sega Rally

14.) Dragon Force

15.) Shining Force III

16.) Fighters Megamix

17.) Fighting Vipers

18.) WWF Wrestlemania The Arcade Game

19.) Mortal Kombat Trilogy

20.) Powerslave/Exhumed

21.) Duke Nukem 3D

22.) Resident Evil

23.) Tomb Raider

24.) Bug Too

25.) Croc

26.) Pandemonium

27.) Clockwork Knights

28.) Sonic Jam

29.) Nights into Dream

30.) Mr Bones

As you can see, the Saturn was solid, and for the most part it was better then any other system that had the same games available. I'm glad I own the Saturn. Those are all American titles by the way...

Correction, Dynamite Deka (Cop) is an import, which you can play with an Action Replay cartridge. That allows you to play any import, and if you like "Bullet Hell" games, you will jizz.