Pyramid Head's Giant Blade is Unwieldy, but Devastating in Real Life

No household item stands a chance against the Great Knife, even if it takes a while to swing, or angrily poke with.


Man at Arms, purveyor of real-life pop culture melee weapons, chose the iconic Silent Hill villain’s iconic weapon—the variant that “looks like a giant Rambo knife,” as they put it—as their next project. It says a lot about the sword’s knife’s size that they used a carbon steel railway track as the base.


After it was finished, in true Man at Arms fashion, the Great Knife was used to slice shit up in slow-mo (skip to 12:10 to get straight to that part):

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The badassery that once was pyramid head, has been forever destroyed by this piece of shit homecoming/movie poser.

Can we at least call this piece of shit redesign by its actual name and not by the name of the silent Hill 2 monster that fans love?

That thing is the bogeyman/red pyramid. It is not pyramid head or red pyramid thing.