Pwnmeal: Extreme Gaming Oatmeal is being promoted at PAX and has its own promotional video complete with muscular men and women slathering the stuff on their bodies. What is it? A promotion for Cards Against Humanity:

Illustration from the promotional site, which lists four flavors, including Strawberries and Carnage, and says:

Don’t let hunger spawncamp you. Drop the hammer with Pwnmeal Extreme Gaming Oatmeal.

It’s a PWN or BE PWN’d world out there. Only a n00b would skip breakfast, the most important meal of the day.

When you visit cyberspace to play your favorite shoot ‘em ups or massively multiplayer online video games, ensure decisive victory with our extreme porridge.

Now listen up gamers: we’re not legally allowed to say that Pwnmeal XGO will make you better at video games. You’ll have to ask yourself how a hearty serving of fiber, real fruit flavoring, and a lower blood cholesterol level will help you and your clan.

The video features beautiful people enjoying their oatmeal a little too much:

There are banners at PAX:

And the oatmeal has enthusiastic fans:

It's a promotion by Cards Against Humanity—each bag of Pwnmeal includes cards:

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