When we spotted that there was a game all about PVC we assumed it would end up as a Maximum Risky but sadly, no. Vinyl Game is an edumacational Flash game about PVC manufacturing. No, really - here is the official description:

"This game represents in an informal and fun way today's European PVC Industry and the efforts the industry is making to ensure the sustainability of its production processes and applications."

See? And let me tell you - the game is EVERY BIT as fun as that description would imply!

"Clearly it is not easy to show the whole complexity of the vinyl system and the mechanisms that regulate research, production, markets and interaction with society (institutions, NGOs, consumers). We also like to apologise in advance , as in order to turn reality into a playable game we had to simplify highly comlex contexts and approaches and summarise them into a handful of situations."


Rumors that Ubisoft have acquired the next-gen console rights to Vinylgame remain unconfirmed at this time. Play the Vinylgame! [Vinylgame via Water Cooler Games]