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We may earn a commission from links on this page

Puzzle Quest Patch On the Way

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

TransGaming has gotten back to us with a response to our story last week about Puzzle Quest iPhone randomly deleting heroes.


According to Paul Nowosad, Marketing Director at TransGaming, an update is being submitted to the Apple Store this week. This "version 1.1" will fix the bug "as well as address some graphical issues."

Hit the jump for full details on the fix.

"Pretty much what happens is, as soon as people load up 1.1, they’ll have all their characters restored provided they didn’t delete that character to begin with," Paul said in a voicemail message. "For anybody right now who has one character [that's been deleted], it’s not an issue. If they had more than one character, they’re actually in the system, they’re just not able to be seen. If they were to delete a current character [after loading up 1.1], they would have access to the other one. The best thing to do is load in 1.1 version [and see which heroes show up]."


Version 1.1 of Puzzle Quest is being submitted to Apple as we speak, which means the official release for the patch is technically TBD. But it sounds like it won't be long now before I get my level 8 bard back.