Puzzle Platforming Has Never Looked So... Pleasant

Yes, it's another quirky indie puzzle platformer. With physics and stuff. But come on, just look at it. I want to frolic amongst the twirly grass things.

The Land of Eyas has apparently been languishing on Kickstarter for quite some time, even though it looks, well, not phenomenal, but nice. Simple. Clean. Satisfying on a basic level. It's like a massage for the part of your brain that makes you go "ooooooh" at fancy super-next-gen graphics.

It doesn't stop at shadow-clad sunsets, either. Here's a montage:

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My god, the colors. The trailer demonstrates the gravity-shifting gameplay:

There's hints of Super Meat Boy in there aesthetics-wise, which was—is—a fairly good-looking game in its own right, even if you can't quite appreciate its art while you're busy smashing your controller into pieces. Hopefully Land of Eyas is a bit more, um, relaxed, even with the "extremely challenging" puzzles.

The Kickstarter project is here, if you want to take a look. It was put up back in February with a humble $10,000 goal, has a bit over a month left, and offers a copy of the game for $8 to $10; you'd think they'd have done it by now, with something as good-looking as that. Oh well. Here's hoping!


The Land of Eyas [Kickstarter, via Steam Greenlight]

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So it's VVVVVV with what looks like Meat Boy-influenced physics and worse art. Maybe there's a reason their Kickstarter hasn't taken off, this doesn't seem to offer anything new that people can't get elsewhere.