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Puzzle Game Makes You Wave Phone in the Air to Solve Brainteasers

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Playing Progress to 100 is a little bit like being at a dinner party where you’re asked to play charades after your fourth drink: you know how make your brain and reflexes work together but it takes a lot of thinking to get your guesses right. Here, watch me play it.

Progress to 100 reminded me a bit of the very good but underrated Metrico on the PlayStation Vita and the equally underappreciated Zack & Wiki: Quest for Barbaro’s Treasure on the Wii. Like those cult favorites, you need to manipulate the control device in weird ways to solve the puzzles you’re presented with. There’s nothing by way of clues in the game so some of the puzzles can feel a little bit obtuse at first.

You’ll see me get stumped one-third of the way through Progress to 100 but it’s a game I intend to keep on playing until I finish. Other levels require you to use the microphone and camera to complete the conundrums, making it a fun game to show to friends at a bar or a party. Be careful where you play it, though, because you’re definitely going to look weird trying to figure it out.


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