While Kami 2's puzzles can get complicated, the game feels less intimidating because of its gorgeous paper craft look.


Kami 2 is the follow up to State of Play’s Kami. Both are puzzle games in which the goal is to fill the screen with one color in a set amount of moves. You’re presented with images that look like they’re made out of folded paper, and if you tap a section of the screen, the color you have selected will unfold. It’s kind of like the paint dropper tool in Photoshop, but prettier.


The paper craft look is subtle, but the way the color blooms out from your fingertip each time you tap the screen doesn’t lose its novelty, even after dozens of puzzles. It’s a little bit like watching one of those video playlists of “satisfying things” like decorating cakes. It not only looks efficient, it’s aesthetically pleasing in a uniform, symmetrical way.

Because Kami 2 makes you want to touch it, solving even complex puzzles is compelling. Touching the screen looks and feels good even when you’re wrong—this makes it feel less intimidating to try out solutions when faced with something you haven’t seen before. Besides, if you screw up and run out of moves, you can tap the undo button and watch the beautiful animation in reverse.

Even if you don’t really like puzzle games, Kami 2 is worth playing. It’s a game that simply begs to be touched, in a way that could help even the most puzzle averse players get into it. 

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