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Put Yourself In A PS3 Game, Then Kick Someone's Ass

A lot has been made about the potential for the PlayStation Move's motion controls, but let's not forget that the PS3's humble little PlayStation Eye camera can do motion control of its own, no plastic wands required.

Kung-Fu LIVE is to the PlayStation Eye what Kung Foo was to the EyeToy; players stand in front of the camera and become an on-screen Kung Fu master, their kicks in real life translating into kicks in the game.


Where Kung Foo was glitchy and unresponsive, and required players to stand still while enemies were simply thrown at them, Kung-Fu LIVE is more of a side-scrolling beat-em-up. And looks a lot more capable, from the fighting to the neat cutscene integration.

And what a beat-em-up it's shaping up to be. Sure, it may not look or behave as well as this clip does, but it still looks like a hell of a lot of fun, especially if you've got a group of friends over and beer in the house.

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I don't mean to sound like a negative Nancy but I'll believe this when I see it. Take away the Move wands and this is the same old Eyetoy we're talking about here.