Minecraft creator Notch announced via Twitter that the new screenshots from Minecraft beta 1.7 contain hidden information about the upcoming update. While Notch referenced only two screen shots and the changelog, Notch posted five pictures total. One picture was said to be a correction of a previously posted image, one a screenshot taken during daytime to compare lighting. Could these extra images be part of the clue? There's only one way to find out...


This is the original image containing the "error." Note the yellow mark on the left edge of the picture.

"Fixed version"


Daytime shot for comparison


The censored change list. It is rumored that the bottom line reads "- Removed Herobrine," the roaming ghost-like character said to haunt minecraft's single-player game. This could mean the removal of Herobrine from the game even though Notch has declined that he ever existed. Is Minecraft's favorite ghost story coming to and end? Is it just beginning? Or is Notch just stirring up the rumor mill for the hell of it?

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