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Put A Little Overwatch On Your Keyboard

Illustration for article titled Put A Little iOverwatch/i On Your Keyboard

Not only are Overwatch mechanical keyboard caps a fine way to show loyalty to your favorite character, they also help you remember which key does what thing. There’s a group buy going on over at Reddit’s MechMarket through April 2, featuring caps for almost every character.


A group buy is where someone gets a whole group of folks together in order to purchase something that’s not normally readily available, hard to purchase or more expensive in small quantities. In this instance, DJ from Mehkee decided he wanted some MX-compatible Overwatch caps, and figured he’d see if anyone else wanted in.

There are full Overwatch keysets out there for folks looking for a total keyboard conversion. The sets here are more subdued, just four keys per character (five for Mercy), three skills and one character icon.

Mercy with her fancy extra key. Hmph.
Mercy with her fancy extra key. Hmph.

You can check out a full gallery of the sets over at imgur. Unfortunately they lack the two most recent additions to the roster, Sombra and Orisa, and for some reason they are right out of Torbjorn.

Also available as a set of four WASD logo keys.
Also available as a set of four WASD logo keys.

They keys are ABS shine-through, so they should glow appropriately when placed on and LED-outfitted board. If you don’t know what MX compatible means, pry off one of your keyboard caps. If there’s a cross shaped peg there, you’re good.


Sets run $11, with $4 shipping in the continental U.S. If you want in and don’t mind waiting until the end of April, you can sign up here.

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Michael Crider

If you’d like something a little more customized and you don’t care about backlighting, WASDKeyboards will let you upload just about any Illustrator pattern on their multi-colored custom keycap sets. There are several Overwatch template files floating around the web, or of course you can make your own. Not bad for around fifty bucks.