PUBG Players Gifted Chicken Dinner By Strange Naked Man

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Sometimes, you’ve just gotta know your limits.

For R0b113 and a friend, it was just another duos match in PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, albeit one they were winning. With only two enemies left, they wasted no time dispatching the first, whose last-ditch effort to grab a better position didn’t end so well. And then there was one.

Where was he, though? Rob113 and his partner didn’t have the foggiest idea.

Suddenly, a voice came out of nowhere, startling them.

“HEY GUYS,” said the voice. Rob113 and his partner wheeled around to see a nearly naked man laying on the ground behind them, partially obscured by a patch of tall grass. “You can go ahead and kill me. I don’t care,” the naked man added.


He’d made it all the way to the end, seemingly sans weapons and armor, and didn’t have anything left to prove. As Rob113 and his friend stared on incredulously, the naked man stood up and proclaimed, “Actually, you know what? I’m just gonna die from the wall.” Then he ran into the blue and died, and Rob113 and his partner won a chicken dinner.

“What the fuck?” asked Rob113's friend, echoing what we’re all thinking.

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