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Screenshot: Rocket League (Reddit )

Psyonix has revealed the drop rates for Rocket League’s loot crates. The studio says these haven’t changed since they were first added to the game back in September of 2016, and the rates track closely with various player estimates. The game’s battle pass arrives later this summer.  


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Cant believe I’m saying this but I miss good ol’ microtransactions.

Like, I don’t really care for car cosmetic items in rocket league but I sort of want to have a cool goal explosion. I miss the early days of microtransactions when a game like this would just let me got to an in game store, pick the explosion I like and pay like $3 or 4 for it.

Now I have to buy keys to open lootboxes for a chance to get one...which I never will since I like to know what I’m paying for.

And now it seems like I can also pay to unlock the ability to grind for XP to unlock items ... Which is almost worse than microtransactions