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PSPgo on Your TV

Illustration for article titled PSPgo on Your TV

As with the Playstation Portable, you can connect your PSPgo to a television to watch movies, listen to music, browse the Internet and play video games. But unlike a standard PSP, you can use a PS3 controller to do all of that.


Because of its unique plug, to do this you'll have to buy a special set of component AV cables for your portable. Sony sent a set to me yesterday to check out, so I plugged it into our 42-inch high definition LCD in the living room to give it a spin.

The first thing I noticed is that the image typically takes up a relatively small portion of my screen, but thanks to the settings on my television I was able to zoom and stretch the picture to pretty much fill the TV without much resolution loss.


Keep in mind, the resolution isn't going to be so great on fast moving games like Gran Turismo and MotorStorm, but for games like PixelJunk Monsters and Patapon it looks great.

The best part is that you can sync a Playstation 3 controller to the PSPgo so after attaching your portable to the TV you can sit back on a couch and play games on it as if it were a console. All of the games we tested had zero lag for controls. The only real issue is that the games are created to be used with the PSPgo's control layout, so some of the buttons don't work on the PS3 controller.

It would be great if developers threw in a way to tweak controls for PS3 controller use or added some sort of auto detection for when you use a PS3 controller.

Check out the video to see what a collection of different games look like on the system. And, despite what I say on the video, they really are Component AV cables.

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Or we could just emulate PSP games on our PS3... seriously. If all of those PSP games were playable on my PS3 via emulation I would have bought so many of them by now.

I really expected a more elegant solution from Sony than some macguyvered AV cable. #pspgo