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Sony's PSPgo, a brave (if flawed) discless portable gaming system, looks to be on its last legs in the United Kingdom, with Sony making its second official price cut on the device in less than a month.


Last month, October, Sony reduced the price of the handheld from £200 (USD$320) to £160 (USD$260). That reduction was to have gone into effect on November 1.


Now, only three weeks later, it's been cut again, the PSPgo available on Sony's official online store in the UK for just £130 ($210).

Normally it takes years for consoles to see that significant a price-cut, but for the beleaguered PSPgo, it means its been discounted by USD$110 (or around 1/3 of its initial cost) in less than a month.

That does not happen to handhelds that are selling well. It does, however, happen to handhelds whose successor is right around the corner.


UPDATE - Sony now says that the listing on its website was an "error".

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