PSPgo Not Exactly Hacked — but Not Exactly Hack-Proof

People made a big deal about the PSPgo's lack of a replaceable battery, a design component intended to thwart hackers. One has already found an old exploit is still feasible on the new hardware.


Not sure what you're looking at? Well, modder FreePlay's found a way in through the hacked save data files of an unnamed game (he doesn't want Sony to figure it out which one from his video.) In so doing, he was able to run a hi-there message ("lol go=hacked. sorry sony") and dump the PSPgo memory to his memory stick.


"No, it's not going to lead to custom firmware, piracy, or a Pandora['s Battery, a means to mod PSP firmware] for the Go," FreePlay says. "It can't write to the flash, and it even seems to be unable to overwrite the system settings, which was always unblocked before on the older systems. It's user-mode only."

The site pspslimhacks calls this a "semi-hack" and notes that the exploit has been around for sometime.

Despite turning down the volume and keeping the game screen away from the camera, a small fragment of the game's load screen can be seen around 1:18. Any guesses what it is?

PSPgo Slightly Hacked in Two Days [YouTube, thanks Dan M. and FunnyButRandom]

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What's the point of running this story? Did they run the story the first time the wii, 360 or ps3 was hacked? kinda sad that a "journalism site" is showing people how to hack the hardware they're reporting on. Teaching the readership that they can steal software on this new device.

Anything for blog clicks I guess

(like the Scribblenauts "sambo" controversy = bullshit.)