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With any new hardware, gadget or platform comes a slew of peripherals and add-ons, some good, many worthless. The PSPgo's pickings are still fairly slim, but there's already several cases and one headset available for the portable.


The PSPgo in-ear headsets from Sony are silky black, ring in under $20 and come with their own little pouch. Are they worth picking up or should you stick with the headphones you already own?

Sony Stylish: Shiny black with a rubberized cord, the in-ear headsets are as pleasant to look at as they are to listen to. The headset comes with three sets of soft, black earbuds and an ironically-UMD-shaped soft case that can store the buds, earphones with room to spare.


Sound: You won't be confusing these for high-end, more expensive in-ear headphones, but for just under $20, the sound these plugs deliver is surprising. When called for, the headset pumped out meaty bass and was able to hit the high notes with no discernible distortion.

No Control: A big must for me when it comes with headpones for my multi-media devices is an on-cord remote of some sort. It has to at least be able to mute and control volume. The ability to skip around your music is also a plus. Unfortunately, the only thing dangling from these headsets is a tiny plastic housing for the microphone.

I'm a big fan of in-ear headsets. They're primarily what I use when on the game. I own a couple pair of high-end cans as well, but almost never use them these days. While the PSPgo in-ear headsets certainly won't be replacing my V-Modas anytime soon, they're a solid, inexpensive back-up.

PSP Go In-Ear Headset was developed by Sony for the PSPgo. Retails for $19.99 USD. A set of the headsets was given to us by Sony for reviewing purposes. Played games, listened to music and watched videos on the PSPgo with the headset.


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