Hmm, let's see. The PSP is doing OK, but not great. The iPhone, now, it's doing great. So what can the PSP do to be more like the iPhone? Get itself a music store!

According to sources speaking with CNET, Sony have already been in talks with several major record labels over the possibility of opening up a music store for the handheld. Neither Sony nor any labels would confirm this, of course (as talks are supposedly still in the early stages), but it does sound feasible, doesn't it?

After all, Sony are already in the process of releasing music videos over the PlayStation Network in PAL territories; releasing straight-up music wouldn't be that big a stretch.

Why people would bother in an age when your phone and/or iPod already does that job nicely, we have no idea, but then, it'll make a nice bullet point on the back of the PSP's box!

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