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PSP Still The Platform To Beat In Japan (Or Is It?!)

Illustration for article titled PSP Still The Platform To Beat In Japan (Or Is It?!)

Sony's PlayStation Portable sits atop this week's Japanese Hardware Chart once again, thanks to... well, actually that's a good question. Kingdom Hearts, maybe? Valkyria Chronicles? You'd think the Nintendo DS would be the system performing best.


Looking at Dragon Quest VI sales, the DS platform's sales this week—spread across three iterations, mind you—feel like they should have been higher. Nintendo's handheld did sell a combined 72,000-plus units, definitely better than the previous week, likely thanks to a little help from Square Enix's latest remake. So, from one perspective, the Nintendo DS/i/LL is the week's bestseller.


But take first place the PSP did again, no thanks to the PSPgo. Anyone want to take bets on when (or if) the UMD-less version of the PSP dips into the three digit sales zone?

  • PSP - 47,875
  • Wii - 42,309
  • Nintendo DSi LL - 34,863
  • PlayStation 3 - 34,431
  • Nintendo DSi - 24,783
  • Nintendo DS Lite - 6,811
  • Xbox 360 - 4,089
  • PlayStation 2 - 2,182
  • PSPgo - 1,645

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Apparently PS2 is better than PSPGo...