PSP-Playin' Bus Driver was Not, in Fact, Fired

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Remember the Hawaiian bus driver who got in deep trouble because he was playing a PSP while driving? Turns out he was not shitcanned. A Honolulu TV station reports that the driver was just suspended (without pay) for two weeks, and has since returned to his job.The mitigating factors that saved this guy's job: he had an otherwise exemplary employment record, was once named a bus driver of the month this fall (before the incident, one assumes), and a bunch of passengers circulated a petition of support on his behalf. The driver denied playing the game even though someone snapped video of him doing so. I mean his both hands are on the PSP, no doubt about it. Bus policy bans drivers from using electronic devices of any kind while operating a city bus. The woman who got that video is, quite understandably, furious. "We could have been killed or seriously injured and then what would the bus company have done? Suspend him again?" Waltz said. Still no word on what he was playing. The bus company had no comment, offering the usual chickenshit "This is a personnel matter," garbage that helps public authorities repeatedly avoid accountability for the behavior of their employees. But I hope someone at least asked the question, just to fuck with them. You can get a look at the video here. Driver Suspended Over Video Games Accusation [KITV-TV at]


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is it me, or the video doesnt show the driver playing the PSP while the vehicle in motion?