Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars is now out for the PSP, and Rockstar has added new features to the Rockstar Social Club to celebrate the eagerly anticipated release.

Today sees the introduction of two new features to the Rockstar Social Club to help players of both the Nintendo DS and PlayStation Portable versions of Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars enhance their play. First up is the Peking Duck Hunt, an arcade-style web-based game that allows PSP players to earn cash for their game while they aren't playing, much like Mr. Wong's before it. Then there's the Chinatown Wars Guide Map, an interactive map that shows the locations of every Drug Dealer, Security Camera, Rampage, and Stunt Jump in town, tracking what you and your friends have accomplished to see who is the rightful owner of bragging privileges.


Rockstar has also added new papercraft models from the game, including Ling and Uncle Kenny, an assortment of weapons, and several vehicles straight from the streets of Liberty City.

Visit Rockstar's Newswire page for full details on the new additions.

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