In Japan, there's already one Macross game for the PSP. And it's pretty good! Soon, there will be two Macross games, with the announcement of Macross Ultimate Frontier.

It's much the same as Ace Frontier, only with a few new additions like a better warning system for incoming missiles, as well as a new wingman system that will let you fly alongside some of the more notable characters from the various Macross stories.


Again, like Ace Frontier, the title will span several Macross series, including the original, Macross Plus and Macross Zero, while this game will see a few new characters added, including Minmay and, awesomely, Roy "I deserved a better death" Focker.

It'll be out in Japan later this year. You can hope for a Western release if you like, but we don't recommend it.

Macross Set for PSP [IGN]

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