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PSP Games Coming to PS3 With HD Visuals, Extra Content

Illustration for article titled PSP Games Coming to PS3 With HD Visuals, Extra Content

Sony today unveiled a new initiative whereby select PlayStation Portable titles will be ported to the PlayStation 3, with improvements made along the way to (hopefully) make the whole thing worthwhile.


It's called the PlayStation Portable Remaster Series, and sees certain PSP games re-released on the PS3 with enhancements like exclusive new content, HD graphics, control pad support, 3D visuals and more.

There's even multiplayer compatibility, with the PS3 versions of the game able to be played over Sony's Ad Hoc multiplayer service for the PSP.


Most interesting, and promising for existing PSP gamers, is that save games for these titles will work on both systems, so you can take the same campaign from PSP to PS3 and back again.

The first game announced for this line is smash hit (in Japan) Monster Hunter Portable 3rd, which will be re-released on the PS3 this Summer (in Japan). Sony says more game announcements from more publishers will be coming down the pipeline. There was no specific mention of a timeframe for an international release for the service, but hopefully that will come at E3 next month.

It would be a crazy, crazy world if Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker and the PSP God of War games were not among the first titles revealed for the service.

And then, after that, every NGP game ever released.

UPDATE - Here's footage of Monster Hunter Portable 3rd in action, comparing the PSP and updated PS3 versions.


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So...people are happy that they're basically destroying any identity the PSP had? You can say they aren't stopping support for the PSP but who in the US is going to actually buy PSP games?

Although at the same time it begs the real question here: How many people in the US actually bought PSP games in the first place given the rampant piracy? Even Peace Walker sold like garbage over here thanks to that.

At the very least the games better be cheaper than the average game. Especially something like the PSP God of War games. Good they may be, but they're like 3 hours long.

All that said, I'd still probably buy some of them, given that they are specific games. I would buy Peace Walker again. Most of my favorite PSP games are much less-known titles though so I guess I'll never see them on the big screen except by how I already do it with the component cable.