PSP Firmware Update Adds Much Needed Googling

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Firmware version 4.00 is due "soon" for the PSP, according to PlayStation Network Operations director Eric Lempell—typically "soon" means within the next few hours in these terms—and while it may not make the handheld a flying breakfast car, it's respectable. The newest update adds Google searches directly from the PSP's XMB, giving gamers on the go another avenue for cheating during pub quizzes.


Far less exciting than that feature is the option to speed up or slow down video playback via Memory Stick. Yup. Things will be slower or faster, depending on which direction one presses on the D-pad. Hey, remember that Google thing from earlier? Wasn't that awesome?


PSP (PlayStation Portable) v4.00 Update []

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It's not that my PSP hasn't been getting used, it's just that it hasn't been getting used for anything but Disgaea. Even Crisis Core couldn't compel me to play for more than 45 minutes before I pulled it out and deleted the save file.