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Sony is bringing PSP adhocParty to North America, allowing PSP titles like Monster Hunter Freedom Unite and Gran Turismo to be played online through your PlayStation 3.


The PSP has two modes of internet play: Ad Hoc and Infrastructure. Infrastructure mode lets players connect through the internet, but Ad Hoc mode is local only, or at least it was. The PSP adhocParty, launched last year in Japan, allows select games that normally allow for only face-to-face multiplayer connect via the PlayStation Network, using the PlayStation 3 as a bridge.

"The PlayStation brand is synonymous with creating exciting new gameplay experiences that connect and challenge people in ways they never thought possible," said Scott A. Steinberg, vice president, product marketing, SCEA. "AdhocParty for the PSP system creates an avenue for gamers to connect, strategize, and compete with each other – Gran Turismo is a great example of this. Polyphony Digital developed robust Ad Hoc features within the game, which are now even more accessible through adhocParty. We saw this as a tremendous opportunity to enhance the PSP system's online gaming experience and bring the service to our North American consumers."


While it would be nice if the PSP could perform this sort of function on its own instead of requiring a PlayStation 3, the service will definitely be a godsend, especially to those poor, lonely Monster Hunter Freedom Unite players. Look for the feature to go live later this month.

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