PSN Picked a Strange Weekend to Have an Outage [Update]

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Good old Error 8071053D is back if you try to sign into PlayStation Network from your PlayStation 3. If you try to log in to a PlayStation web site, you get a page tells you the site is down for maintenance. These outages affect North American servers.


Update: A Sony representative tells Kotaku that the maintenance is now over and PSN account holders may log in again.

It doesn't appear to be regularly scheduled, as PSN underwent regular maintenance on May 24, and the weekend after E3 would be kind of a bad time for that. I'm reaching out to Sony Computer Entertainment America representatives for more info on why this is happening and how long it's expected.

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Does Microsoft not do maintenance, or do they just have a better system in place for doing it while keeping the system running?

I mean it seems like every time the PSN is down it's news worthy but every time the XBL systems have issues no one gives a shit. I mean you'd think that since the Xbox is the dominant console in the US it would create a huge shit storm every time it went down or was acting slow. And since most people play their Halo, Gears of War and even their multi console CoDs and BFs on the Xbox and since those are the only games that sells these days it would stand to reason that this would affect more people and, hence, be more news worthy.

Or would those kind of articles make the fine people at Microsoft unhappy?