PSN Down "For Maintenance" During Sony's GamesCom Press Conference

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Sony threw a little notice up on their support site overnight, letting everyone know that the PlayStation Network will be down for a couple of hours on August 18. Say, isn't that the day of Sony's GamesCom press conference?

My, it is.

The outage is expected to commence at 9am PST, August 18 in the US, which in Germany is 6pm on August 18. Say, isn't that the exact time Sony's Gamescom press conference kicks off?


My, it is.

There have been countless rumours of major new additions being made to the PSN in the coming months; looks like we could well be seeing the first of those tomorrow.

PlayStation®Network Maintenance [PlayStation, thanks everyone who sent this in!]

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How suspicious. I bet we'll all turn on our PS3s after the conference, and a new update will go live, and the patch notes will be brimming with new, wondrous information, like...

"Improves compatibility with some PLAYSTATION 3 format software."