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For those of you looking forward to picking up a copy of Guitar Hero On Tour: Modern Hits, don't forget that it doesn't work with Nintendo's DSi.


Despite coming with an adapter that lets you use the game with either the original DS or DS Lite, the game doesn't include anything to let you use the Guitar Grip controller with Nintendo's latest portable.

When you plug the game into your DSi and start up Modern Hits you'll get this message: "You can't rock without a Guitar Hero Guitar Grip! Turn off the power and insert the Guitar Grip."


It's an unfortunate, but rare, issue that some gamers might run into when upgrading to the DSi. You lose the GBA slot, so that means no GBA games, but also no use of that slot for peripherals. That includes the rumble pack which adds a rattle and hum to about 50 DS titles.

While the box for Guitar Hero On Tour: Modern Hits does include the very tiny disclaimer on the back that the title is "compatible with Nintendo DS and DS Lite" I still think that not just a few kids are going to be picking this up for their DSi without thinking it through.

Activision says they decided to be just DS compatible for the sake of consistency.

"Modern Hits is the third game in the On Tour trilogy in which all games are compatible with each other," a spokesperson told Kotaku. "With the multiplayer song sharing a tent pole of the trilogy, Modern Hits has remained a DS only game to keep that option available. With all the songs in the trilogy available in MP co-op mode, players will have access to over 75 songs."


We've contacted Nintendo for comment, mostly because we're bitter.

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