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PSA: If Your Switch's Internet Won't Work, Reboot The Console

Illustration for article titled PSA: If Your Switchs Internet Wont Work, Reboot The Console

At some point recently, Nintendo Switches all over the country (including several belonging to Kotaku staff) decided to stop connecting to the internet, offering up some nonsense about DNS errors instead of taking us to that sweet sweet eShop. If it’s happening to you, you’re not alone. All you have to do is reboot your system.


To fix this WiFi problem, you have to reboot your Switch—not just put it into sleep mode—which means holding down the button on the top left corner of the system until you get to Power Options, then selecting Restart or Turn Off. Once you’ve rebooted it, you should be good. A simple reboot worked for everyone on Team Kotaku and hopefully it works for you too.

We don’t know why this is happening, but hey, video game consoles are mysterious and unruly devices. Sometimes they just need to be tamed.

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When this occured on Saturday, I thought it was Nintendo Servers being destroyed by everyone trying to get into the Splatoon 2 Testfires, but after seeing people streaming it and being able to connect to the Wii U eShop it wasevident that it was the Switch itself that had the problem. An actual reboot with the power button fixed it and I managed to Splatoon just fine afterwards.