PSA: Get To Death Stranding Chapter 3 As Quickly As Possible

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I’ve already laid out some Death Stranding tips alongside my coworker Tim Rogers. Travel light; build structures in smart places; have an extra pair of shoes. One tip stands above them all, though: Do not get sidetracked at the start of the game. Death Stranding drops players into a large world to complete tons of deliveries, difficult affairs where you trek through ghost-infested territory and cross raging rivers. Just like you shouldn’t mess around too long in Dragon Age: Inquisition’s Hinterlands, you really should complete Death Stranding’s first two chapters quickly.

There are two types of missions in Death Stranding: Sam’s deliveries and standard deliveries. Completing the former progresses the story; the latter help expand the world and sometimes grant useful items. In the game’s first two chapters, you don’t have a lot of tools, and things can feel slow. It’s important to push through that at a fast pace. Once you reach chapter three, Death Stranding breaks open and really starts to take off. Until that point, you should focus exclusively on the main story.

Illustration for article titled PSA: Get To iDeath Stranding/i Chapter 3 As Quickly As Possible

Without spoiling too much, Chapter 3 hands over tons of important items that expand the Death Stranding experience: robotic leg rigs for boosting stats, roads that you and other players can construct together, and an increase in the types of structures you can build. This section also features a major threat: MULEs. These roaming raiders want to cash in by beating you up, stealing your packages, and delivering it all themselves. They show up earlier but have more presence in Chapter 3, adding more options and more excitement than the slower chapters before it.

Tl;dr: Get to Chapter 3, and then explore all the cool things that Death Stranding has in store.

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This game seems like a beautiful and weird package for really not fun gameplay. Like a worse RDR2.