PS4 Video Editing Gets A Bunch Of Useful Upgrades

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If you create and publish videos using your PS4, Sony’s added a bunch of new features that should make your life easier.


The best way to capture, edit, and stream videos from any device, PS4 or otherwise, is using a separate capture box connected to a computer. Since that’s not possible for most people, you’re limited to what Sony and Microsoft offer through their own devices. On PS4, there are new options.

Sony updated its Share Factory software today to version 1.08, which brings with it these noteworthy changes:

  • The commentary track has been replaced with a more expansive second track, allowing you to layer two videos for picture-in-picture
  • Chroma-key support has been added, meaning green and white screens can be used in collaboration with your PlayStation Camera to splice in animated backgrounds, screen shots, and built-in art
  • Video exports can now be as long as 60 minutes, though recording times are still 15 minutes. (Here’s a tip on getting around that.)
  • Videos can now be uploaded while lounging in the home screen

It’s also getting the ability to save commentary to your capture gallery for use in other videos, a tweaked trim lock feature to make it easier to slice, two new music tracks, 15 new filter effects, and users can now rotate text.

Again, it’s not quite the same as a full-fledged PC, but it’s a nice update. Maybe Sony will be able to lift things like the 15 minute recording limit with the upgraded PS4? Or allow you to record in 1080p, not just 720p?

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Media Player updated to 2.0 last night, as well. I’d imagine the USB Music Player app is gone once again as Sony seems to have integrated USB functionality into the Media Player app. Didn’t really see any other changes yet, though.