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PS3 Trophy Sync Bug Will Be Patched

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An admin over in Europe's Official PlayStation Community says Sony will in fact patch a bothersome trophy-related bug that, in worst-case scenarios, borks certain games completely until one does a console backup-restore.


There was some concern that the bug would never be patched, because complaints first surfaced about it back in October and were never answered or fixed, even after the 2.53 firmware released. But Community Team Leader MusterBuster declared last week: " A fix is on the way, but I don't have an ETA yet."

The bug occurs when users change their PSN ID or password, corrupting their Trophy data. When that happens, a certain number of games will deliver an error notice saying it failed to synchronize the Trophy data. In worst cases, the message simply loops, meaning the game is inaccessible until the corrupt data is removed from the console, which requires a pain-in-the-ass backup and restore.

Advertisement, which spotted the patch news, says known titles affected by the bug include Wipeout HD, Burnout Paradise, LittleBigPlanet and Pain. Meantime, if this happens to you, here's the fix as reported by CVG:

• Delete your Game Data (that's the install files for a game, NOT the Save Data).
• Use the Backup option in the PS3's XMB to create a full backup of your hard drive.
• Restore your PS3 from the backup.
• Your trophies will all be gone but don't panic - that data will be stored on Sony's servers. Just reinstall the game, install the Trophy data and the sync should work fine. Maybe.

Of course, you can also not change your PSN ID or password until you get word this thing is repaired.

Trophy Errors Hit PS3, Fix Coming []

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Steve Ramsey

why does the PS3 rule again? their trophy system is as useless as home is.