PS3 Trophies Are Now MANDATORY

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That's right. MANDATORY. Refuse to put trophies in your game and you, developers, will be SHOT. Your families, BILLED for the expense. least, Sony will be very cranky with you. Because, come January, all new PS3 games must have trophy support. No ifs or buts. So no more patching, no more developer ambivalence, no more inconsistencies. Not sure why Sony didn't do this from the start, but doing it now, at the middle, is better than never doing it at all. PS3 Trophies to be mandatory from January 2009 [Videogamer]


This reminds me of the mandatory reports in gym class that the teachers really didn't want to do but were required by some education law that every high school class have at least one essay required in addition to written tests.

I wonder if the gaming companies will react to this with the same "enthusiastic" attitude than the gym teachers did.

That reminds me of how they had to move in services to Thursday since the teachers would all get "sick" and miss them if they were on Friday...