PS3 Software Sales Spiked Almost 80 Percent

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Sony's PS3 hardware sales experienced a bump during the 2008 financial year. How about game sales? Last year wasn't a pretty good year for PS3 game sales worldwide. It was a damn good year.


The company released its 2008 financial report with software sales data for all three of its gaming platforms: PS2, PSP and the PS3. During the fiscal year, 50.3 million PSP games were sold, which is a decrease of 5.2 million compared to the previous year. PS2 games suffered a bigger drop: 83.5 million units were sold, which is a decrease of 70.5 million games sold. That's a nearly a 46 percent drop!

PS3 sales were brisk and strong. During the fiscal year, 103.7 million PS3 games were sold. That's an increase of 45.8 million (almost 80 percent!) compared to the previous year.

While PS3 software sales shoot up, it's important to keep the big picture in mind. PS2 sales were in free fall , which hurt total sales compared to last year. During fiscal 2007, Sony sold 267.4 million units, and during fiscal 2008, the company sold 237.5 million units. Overall software sales were down in 2008, not because PS3 software underperformed, but because PS2 software did. For the next fiscal year, Sony is projecting worldwide game sales to reach 240 million units across all platforms.



Can we get the same data for the 360/Wii? For comparison of course. I know kotaku already posted wii software sales but wasn't that lifetime sales? Better the total software sold for the year 2008 only.

And is that sold or shipped? Sony has this 'thing' of declaring shipped items as sold...Oh never mind. its thursday,Im sleepy at work. gonna go out and move a bit.